TitleWatson Burton, solicitors, Newcastle
DescriptionThis collection has not been fully catalogued here. Accession lists of some parts are available and documents from these are readily accessible. Unlisted records can also sometimes be made available. Please enquire for further information.

The collection comprises clients' papers.

Acc 10 (searchable in calm as Acc10)
Deeds and papers relating to properties in Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland, Wallsend, North and South Shields, Heworth, Felling and Jarrow. Also Clapham family, Walker Alkali works, Carville Chemical works. 1810-1914

Acc 35 searchable in calm as Acc35)
Hodshon family, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne
Deeds and papers relating to John Hodshon 1641-1703 (15 parchments 4 papers)
Deeds and papers relating to Lancelot Hodshon 1666-1673 (6 parchments)
Deeds and papers relating to Allen Hodshon 1673-1745 (6 parchments 2 papers)
Deeds and papers relating to Phillip Hodshon 1693-1715 (4 parchments 5 papers)
Deeds and papers relating to William Hodshon 1801-1821 (4 parchments 2 papers)
Deeds relating to Sir Thomas Burdon 1805-1825 (9 parchments 1 folder)
Financial papers of Sir Thomas Burdon 1811-1815 (5 papers)
Correspondence & wills of Sir Tomas Burdon 1810-1823 (11 papers)
Deeds relating to R B Sanderson 1822-1872 (3 parchments 1 paper)
Correspondence and plan of waggonway of R B Sanderson 1827-1830 (12 papers 2 photocopies)
Deeds and papers relating to Robert Warwick 1740-1842 (6 parchments 3 papers)
Miscellaneous deeds relating to coalmining in Jesmond 1638-1829 (8 parchments)
Financial records relating to coalmining in Jesmond 1631-1834 (1 vol 46 papers)
Correspondence relating to coalmining in Jesmond 1809-1828 (5 papers)
Papers relating to Fawdon, Hartley, St Anthonys, Walbottle and Wallsend Collieries 1801-1827 (10 papers)
Miscellaneous deeds and papers 1754-1823 (4 parchments 4 papers)

Acc 132
Deeds relating to property in Broad Chare 1709-1870

Acc 271
Deeds relating to Spring Garden Cottage covering its change from residential property to an Engine Works and then Glue factory 1656-1868

Acc 288
Deeds relating to properties at:
The Close 1671-1788
Manufactory in St Lawrence 1863-1866
Green Court 1808-1828
Ryton, Ovingham and Blaydon 1809-1871
Hexham, Low Spennymoor, Ovingham and Low Fell 1717-1880
South Preston Lodge 1818-1879
Preston (North of Newcastle Turnpike) 1817-1890
2 South Preston Terrace 1836-1891
1 South Preston Villas 1817-1894
Private road to South Preston Lodge 1895

Acc 335
Deeds relating to properties in North Shields including the Half Moon Bank 1774-1849

Acc 411
Letters patent and correspondence relating to the inventions of Sir Joseph Swan 1880-1882
Acc 413
Deeds to property at 1 Carlton Terrace, 31 Jesmond Road and Percy Street 1677-1927
Acc 414
Deeds relating to property in The Close, Newcastle 1598-1806 (1 bundle)
Acc 977
Deeds for Pilgrim House, 141, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle 1689-1922 (Watson Burton's offices)
Acc 1503 Unlisted
Records relating to trusts.
Acc 2439 Unlisted
Deeds for messuages in Denton Chare, Meal Market and later, Collingwood Street for site later occupied by The Turf Hotel (converted 1812) and then Lloyds Bank, 1624-1874
Acc 2984
Fenwick Family deeds, 1725-1795
Acc 3443 Unlisted
Title deeds relating to Washington New Town, properties in Oxclose Street, Blue House Lane. In the early 1970s all these properties were bought by Washington Development Corporation. 1896-1975.
Acc 3635 Draft list
Gateshead Town Fields deeds 1816-1888, including shop in west side Bottle Bank, Ravensworth Villa and adjoining land, Bensham, land at Stoney Flatt, Bensham Cottage, Lobley Hill road, land on north side of Askew Road, Redheugh
Acc 4340
Conveyance of land at Axwell Park, 13 May 1924 (1 file), recites earlier deeds.
AdminHistoryWatson Burton traces its history back to 1811. The partnership of J and R S Watson was started in 1860 by Joseph Watson and his son Robert Spence Watson. By the 1880s the firm was known as Watson & Dendy, then by the 1900s as Watson, Burton & Corder. By 1938 the partners were Watson, Burton, Booth & Robinson and the firm continued to be known as this at least up to the late 1960s. Later the name was Watson, Burton, Cooper & Jackson. The offices were in Pilgrim Street until the 1960s, then in Collingwood Street until 2004 when the firm moved to new premises at St James Gate.
Acc No10
DS/UK/243Watson; Robert Spence (1837-1911)1837-1911
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